Urban Farming

Big Green Hydroponic System

Designed to meet aesthetic and functional requirements. All-in-one system, universal designed yet presentable in all ways.

Big Green Hydroponic System

Easy Farming Made for Everyone

We strive to provide an easy and modern farming solution for everyone, through constant innovation and development for a better hydroponic system. We also support the farm-to-table movement for a healthier lifestyle, as well as sustainable farming for a greener environment.
Modular Design

Provides flexibility and ultimate convenience

Equipped with modular and removable pots, our system provides users with the ultimate convenience in system setup, planting preparation as well as routine maintenance. The system is specifically designed to be flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs – from different setup arrangements for our wall mounted series to the usage of different mediums for corresponding plant types.
Vertical Farming System

Saves space and enables farming in small areas

With a vertical configuration, the system is space saving – suitable for farming regardless of the size limitations.
Hydroponic Dripping System

Full control of nutrient and water intake to your plants

The dripping system is chosen as our core function as it is acknowledged for its’ advantageous ability to evenly spread and distribute nutrients to plants during our design process. The water circulation produces less waste. This enables the plants to efficiently absorb more oxygen.
Versatile System

Suitable for vegetable, herbs & ornamental plants

Our product range allows for a versatile system, perfect for growing different plant varieties to meet various users’ needs and preferences. From fresh vegetables and herbs to cater to food security, to all kinds of ornamental plants for decoration in greenifying and livening up your home – there is a solution for everyone.
Inspired Sustainability

Built for long lasting usage to minimize waste

Our system is made exclusively with premium materials that have UV resistant and anti-chalking properties. It is designed and manufactured for durability, to last up to 5 years even with outdoor use.


UV Resistant

Anti Chalking

Big Green Hydroponic System

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