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Reasons why you should add our Big Green hydroponic system to your garden

The Big Green vertical system is specifically designed for home users, from amateurs to professional gardeners. Just follow a few simple steps, some easy maintenance and you can basically wait for the harvest, of your very fresh crops for your healthy diet.

The Big Green hydroponic system is an easy-to-use hydroponic system that can be quickly altered for different types of plants, which makes this a great system for any grower who plans to make regular changes. The nutrient solution that’s used with a drip system is pumped into a tube that sends the solution straight to the plant base. At the end of each tube is a drip emitter that controls how much solution is placed into the plant. You can adjust the flow to meet the needs of each individual plant.

Since you can readily alter the size and flow rate of this hydroponic system, it can be used to grow practically any plant, not limited to vegetables but various herbs, fruits and ornamental plants. (View more about our testimonial at

Eggplant 1
Eggplant in the system by Ms Orange
Eggplant 2
Eggplant 3
Fresh from the farm into the oven, the freshness of ingredients is the soul behind a good chef!
Eggplant 4
Ms Orange “Really very nice, naturally sweet and crunchy”
Marigold 1
Marigold in the Big Green system
Balsam rooftop
Balsam flowers at the rooftop Big Green garden

Sustainability is the key to a successful home garden, our Big Green system is built with UV resistant and anti-chalking properties, which can last for 5 years even placed outdoor. The substrates included in the starter package is reusable, hence need not worry about buying medium after every harvest, be a green hero today and reduce waste!

We promote the use of natural fertilizer which is safe for fish and water plants in the Big Green system. ( View the benefits of natural farming at
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The Big Green system is designed with a vertical configuration hence space-saving. Available in 3 sizes. Enables up to 28 pots for planting within a 2 square area.

Equipped with modular and removable pots, our system provides users with the ultimate convenience in system setup, planting preparation as well as routine maintenance.