BG Farm

Setting up the Big Green hydroponic system

Simple steps to set up your Big Green system

Items included in the package

1. Water pump
2. Irrigation (pre-assembled)
3. Water tank
4. BG frame (pre-assembled on aluminium frame)
5. BG pots
6. Leca balls (planting medium)

Required items for the setup

1. Water
2. Electric socket near the system (For the water pump)
3. Seeds
4. Fertilizer (recommended to use our natural Bio-Grow fertilizer)

Step 1: Rinse the Leca balls and fill up the BG pots

It’s recommended to rinse the Leca balls with water before using it to prevent clogging. After that, fill up the pots with the leca balls for at least 80% of its capacity each pot.

Step 2: Plug in water pump to the irrigation

The water pump will be ready once connected to the irrigation and connect to electricity.

Step 3: Fill up water and switch on the pump

The system is now ready, just make sure all the water drippers is running smoothly, otherwise simply adjust the blue part of the water drippers to control the water flow. It should drip constantly.

Step 4: Placing seeds in the pots

For seeds that are suitable for direct seedlings, you may place it directly at the front part of the pots as shown in the picture above (Roughly 1cm apart from each other and water dripping area (Plants usually don’t want to take shower whole day long !)


Refill water in the water tank

When the water level lowered due to evaporation, it is time to refill the water where the water pump should submerge in water all the time to prolong its lifespan, the schedule would be varied and depends on the weather, usually once every 2-3days.



Our Bio-Grow requires to top up weekly, recommended to add in 3-4 days after setting up the system. 2 bags of Bio-Grow can last for 1 month.

For the first week, start with the soup bag, place it directly into the water and shake it like brewing tea, then in the following weeks, just top up the soup bag with additional fertilizer from the second pack (1/3 of it each time) until the soup bag is full before emptying the soup bag.

Tips : The used fertilizer can be poured into soil for additional nutrients.

Fish in water tank

Before adding fish in the water tank, make sure that the water in the tank is free from chlorine, which is fatal for fish. Use only natural fertilizer which is not harmful for the fish, our Bio-Grow fertilizer is proven to be safe for fish. If you wish to refill the tank water with tape water, let it sit in a separate bucket for at least 24hours before adding into the tank.

Water drippers

Check if the water flow is smooth, if not, you may remove the blue part and clean it before placing it back. In some cases, where the water is not dripping even have the blue cap removed, you may remove the black part by twisting it out from the irrigation. Check the pump if it does not work after trying the above steps


It’s recommended to clean the irrigation once every 1-3 months to ensure smooth flow of water, simply remove the end cap of the irrigation and keep the water pump running, it should clear all the dirt in the irrigation.

Thanks for reading and happy planting !

Stay tuned for more planting tips